Natural Cotton Liners, Folded 40 Count

Natural Cotton Liners, Folded 40 Count

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Veeda Natural Cotton Liners

100% natural cotton designer liners, folded and individually wrapped, with wide adhesive and soft-as-silk feel, give you the confidence of reliable protection that feels as if it’s not there.

Barely There!

For lighter days (or whenever days), you can trust Veeda’s panty liners. It may feel as if it’s not there (okay, it’s not really “invisible”), but that’s the beauty of our designer liners that offer barely there reliable protection that won’t let you down. The thin liner wicks away moisture to keep you feeling confident and fresh every day. Made with pure, unadulterated non-GMO cotton, you can have a healthy, worry-free period without the chance of irritation. Or if you just want an invisible added layer and the silky softness of our liners next to your delicate skin, they’re great for days on the go.